Track Vaccinations & Send Reminders

How to efficiently track vaccinations

Track vaccinations in real-time

Leverage our Preventive Care dashboard to track vaccinations in real-time. Care stores data such as the age of the pet during a particular vaccination, type of vaccination, when it was administered and what drug was consumed.

Automated SMS reminders for swift follow-ups

Remind your clients to keep their pet's vaccination schedule up-to-date. Care automatically sends 2 SMS reminders to your clients for you - one on the day of administering and one before the day of the next visit.

Consume from your Inventory and keep it up-to-date

Consume vials by whole or part with Care's Smart Inventory Manager and keep your inventory up-to-date with every vaccination administered.

Generate Vaccination Certificates easily

Care generates a vaccination certificate with details such as Patient's Signalments, Date of Vaccination, Type of Vaccination and Drug Name & Batch. This certificate can be printed, attested by you and given to the parent for future reference.

Generate automated Invoice for the vaccination

Care generates a professional Invoice with the Name of the Procedure, its Price as entered in the Pricing Catalog and Batch Number of the drug consumed.